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German Shepherd Puppies

We breed only the finest German Shepherds in the world. We have taken the time to assure they have the utmost beauty, courage, intelligence, and health.

If you would like to reserve a puppy today please do not hesitate, as they are usually sold before they are born due to our low prices. You won't find this quality of pups anywhere for our prices.

Our German Shepherd puppies come from the best German Shepherds in the World. How can we say that? Ever year a Seiger Competition is held that starts on a city-wide basis, then the country wide, and finally Internationally. The winner is judged as the Best German Shepherd in the World. Best conformation, (exceptional looking dogs) most obedient, (shows intelligence) and best in protection. (shows courage, not shy nervous animals) Our studs and Dams have these top dogs in their immediate pedigree. Mostly from West Germany. This quality of puppy normally sells for $3,500 each. We would like to make it possible for everyone to afford a quality dog. Thus, we sell them for much lower.

We also have fully trained dogs, from nine months to six years old. Most have off leash obedience training and protection training. Prices vary depending on looks, pedigree, level of training, natural ability, and age.

Our Dogs

Our dogs are bred to have confidence but also to be great with children. Even with protection training.


Duke Ron (male)

Duke Ron (male) Very tough dog, he's definitely a man stopper. Big boned, thick dog, very intelligent and good with kids. His pups come with high drive and lots of energy. 

V Max Von Wnguyen IP03 (male)

V Max Von Wnguyen IP03 (male) Extremely beautiful dog, high drive, lots of energy. Super sweet and playful.                                                                                             

PacMan (male)

PacMan (male) Beautiful dog, high energy, one person type dog, can be taken places, fully off-leash trained. Great watchdog, personal bodyguard, etc. 

Superman (male)

Superman (male) Extremely beautiful dog, looks much larger in person like his father Yucon below. Very sweet loving dog. 

Yucon Von Der Ostfriesischen Thingstatte (Male)

Yucon Von Der Ostfriesischen Thingstatte (Male) Father of PacMan and Superman.


Candi (Female)

Zen (Female)

Zami (Female)

Zami (Female)

Sharkira (Female)

Sharkira (Female)

Zena (Female)

Zena (Female)