Dog Training

Dog Training

Dog Training

Please click the following link to see a video of one of our trained dogs, and to fully understand the benefits of having your dog trained. 


Customer Dog Video #1

Meet FIFA, she is a 5 year old Golden Retriever. When she came with us she had a lot of energy that she did know know what to do with. Getting a dog to listen this well can be tricky. Of course you want to get results, but you do not want to discourage your dog by pushing them to fast and forcing them to do things that they would rather not do. You really have to do the right balance of fun and work, and get your dog to realize that what they do leads to things that they will enjoy. If you watch the next video you'll see FiFA listens perfectly and also really enjoys her training, even with all the other dogs barking in the background. She's focused on her owner and that's it. 

Customer Dog Video #2

 We TRAIN LITTLE DOGS TOO! Even little dogs can be obedient. Meet Rex, his tiny but man do his legs move fast, his owner couldn't catch him when brought to the dog park. Now his owner doesn't have to rely on the dog park at all because he's fully trained off-leash. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!!!

Customer Dog Video #3

Meet Domino, he was just all over the place before he was trained by us! Now he listens and can't wait to do what his owner says! Notice how happy Domino is and all the other dogs are after training. We take pride in producing results and also making it extremely fun for the dogs. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO!!!

Customer dog video #4

Puma is deaf! But we could still train him to obey commands! His owner couldn't control him at all and didn't know how to train him being he couldn't hear. So we got him a special collar that vibrated. We taught him to come to his owner when he felt the vibration, taught him to lie down and stay when his owner gave him a hand signal, then taught him he could get up and do what he wanted when his owner gave him two pats on the head! Very proud of Puma now and his owner can take him places with no worries!



We offer fully off leash obedience training at Rob's Dogs, LLC. We believe that every dog should be able to live life free of chains or restrictions. Dogs are like little athletes that live among us. They will never be happy without proper exercise, and being tied to a leash makes that very difficult. They need to be able to run and play, but a dog confined to a leash doesn't get that freedom.

We offer fully off leash obedience training. The price for dog training depends on which commands you would like the dog to learn, the behavior of the dog, and any bad habits your dog may have. We offer free evaluations where you bring your dog to us, we work with them for five minutes, and then we show you a demo of one of our dogs and what kind of commands we could train your dog to do. From there we would figure out which commands you would like your dog to learn. Then we would be able to give an exact time on how long it would take to train your dog and how much it would cost.

Our competitors do it differently, they tell you over the phone exactly how much it will cost per week of training, but do not tell you for sure what your dog will learn or how far in the training process he/she will progress. And for all you know they are taking their sweet time training your dog as they know the longer it takes your dog to learn the commands they more weeks of training your dog will require. This method is deceptive as people usually feel taken advantage of and usually end up spending more money than they planned on.

This is why we have to work with your dog first before we can give prices. All dogs learn at different speeds just like teaching two different children how to read could take a lot longer for one child opposed to the other.

 Please call or send us an inquiry via our website to set up a time for the evaluation.


Training Methods

Training your dog to a level that allows him to be taken anywhere, under various distractions, without any doubt in your mind that your dog will listen to you every time, is a lot more than teaching your dog the commands and holding a treat to his nose.

Trainers that only use positive reinforcement are doing you and your dog a huge disservice. Here is why:

They tell you they will never use corrections to your dog because it's what they think you want to hear. And maybe that is the case. But we are going to lie to you to get into your pocket book. We really want to get your dog to be a loving, obedient companion that you really want. So I will explain to you why there has to be some sort of safe correction for most dogs.

Dogs are like people in a way. They may do a command while you have a treat for them, but once there is something they would rather have than that treat they will stop listening.

For instance, you are out at the park and you want your dog to lie down. You wave the treat in his face in hopes he will stay there, but all of a sudden, another dog comes to the park. Your dog jumps up and runs after the dog.

You see, the treat was worth lying down for until something he would rather do comes along. And that isn't the level of training your dog needs to be able to live life without a leash. What if he ran across the road, or chased a cat five blocks down the street?

What you would find is that you will not enjoy taking your dog places, then you will just start leaving him at home all the time because you can't control him.

The saddest thing in the dog world is a dog that's sole purpose is to sit in the house and live life alone in the house, yard, or kennel.

Once a dog learns the command 100 percent. Then we introduce small corrections only when the dog knowingly disobeys a command. We don't do it because we are mean. We do it because we love our dogs, and want them to be obedient so we can give them the freedom they desperately need.

I rarely have to ever correct my dog anymore because he always listens. And he is one of the happiest dogs because I take him everywhere being he is such a joy to have with me. No chains, no cages, freedom, thru off-leash obedience training.