Female German Shepherds 



Hendra has produced lots of puppies that are incredible. I have trained lots of her puppies and they are all extremely intelligent, have sound temperament, and are really tough. She is a great dog, and produces great dogs!



Rhina is one of our toughest females. She is definitely a man stopper but is also very sweet with children and friends, if someone threatening comes around she is a totally different dog. If anyone is foolhardy enough to jump the fence one night, we would find them in a tree begging for help the next morning. 



Uma is one of the most beautiful female German Shepherd puppies I have ever seen. She has big bones, thick neck, and a dark red color. Here at 6 months, every month she starts to get fuller and more beautiful. I just love to see our pups grow up! 



Tequila is a firecracker that for sure. Here at 5 months old, she likes to wrestle around with the big dogs and doesn't quit! With amazing temperament, high energy, and beautiful looks she is exactly what we look for when it comes to an amazing German Shepherd!