We sold Jager as a puppy, then came back from training two months later. He has lots of energy, but with proper training he is able to contain his energy until a time his owner allows him to burn it off. He loves to go to the lake off leash and go swimming. 



D-Day was one of my favorite dogs ever! His father is PacMan, I had him as a puppy and raised him until he was about 1 year old. He was fully off-leash trained and protection trained. His owner takes him everywhere he goes and loves having him around!



Elvis is the son of PacMan. Elvis has a nice big head and big bones, sound/confident temperament and great with children. But when needed can be trained to protect the family when danger comes around. 



This is a great pup. We just recently got him in for training and he is super fun to train! He has lots of motivation and is eager to learn. The perfect dog to train is a dog with lots of energy and drive! And Ranger is definitely all of that.