Guard Dog Rental

Guard Dogs

We offer guard dog rental for any kind of location that is having vandalism, theft, or hoarding issues.

Guard dogs are a great way to protect your property or job site and save money on security. They are typically much cheaper than a security officer and you never have to worry about them falling asleep on the job. Security alarms are flawed as criminals will set the alarm off intentionally a few times over the course of a week. Then once the police stop responding to the “false alarms” the criminal will break in. Or they will break in quickly, steal what they please and be out in a matter of minutes.

With security dogs, thieves will usually just go to the next place, or if they are foolhardy and underestimate the dog, you will find them up in a tree the next morning begging for help.

We have over 50 years if combined experience in the security business, offer a free evaluation of your property and provide daily pick up and delivery. Each location will have a unique set of requirements so please call or send us a message for any guard dog inquiries. We would love to answer any questions you may have and can usually give you an estimate over the phone.

About Our Guard Dogs

About Our Guard Dogs

Our security dogs are high-energy breeds and require lots of exercise. Sometimes people buy these dogs as puppies and don’t realize what they are getting themselves into. They don’t have the time or space needed for them to be happy. All of our guard dogs are dogs that have come from homes of people that just didn’t have the time needed for these dogs. They thought their only option was to bring their dog to the pound to be put to sleep. But we offer to take their dog and train them for security work. This life is a good life for this type of dog. They get lots of training which they love, as they are aggressive dogs with high energy. If you have one of these types of dogs or know of anyone who does please feel free to give us a call. We will either train your dog for you, or take and train them to be in the security business.