Our Male German Shepherds  

We have meticulously searched the world for dogs with the upmost health, courage, beauty, intelligence, and nerves. Most of our dogs are imported straight from West Germany. They come from dogs that have proven themselves in the toughest competitions on earth, which shows they are able to protect your family if that is something you wish, but also will be good with kids, family, friends, etc. With quality breeding and training, they will be the best investment you can make. 



Beautiful dog as you can see. Very tough with a sweet personality. Great with kids, loves going places, lots of drive but still able to lounge around the house. A lot of people breed working dogs that do not do well in the house as they have too much energy. Those types do not make good family dogs. 



Pacman is our number one stud. I've trained a lot of his pups and all of them are fantastic. High energy, calm nerves, great in the house but always ready for an adventure. 

IMG_1502 3


This guy is big, beautiful and sweet! Everyone falls in love with him! Unfortunately most people aren't willing to spend what it would take for us to let him go. So they just reserve one of his pups! All our dogs have perfect hips and elbows, a common problem with poorly bread German Shepherds. 

IMG_2512 2

Fire Vom Heiple

Fire is a 5 month old male German Shepherd at its finest! Beautiful, social, amazing temperament, and lots of drive. With proper training Fire will be one of the best. 

me, london and pacman

Me with Pacman and his son London. London was sold to one of the bodyguards for President Reagan. That's one dog that made me cry when he left. He has a good life with his new owner so I'm happy for them!