Our Story

A Passion for Training

A Passion for Training

Robert’s dad has been training dogs in Los Angeles since the early 1980’s. He would pass that knowledge and experience onto Robert while he would visit during the Summer and for holidays. Robert loved dogs but never understood the importance of training until he met a dog named Luke.

Luke was a German shepherd that was always tied up to a tree. Robert felt bad for this dog and asked his neighbor if he could take the dog for a walk. The neighbor said yes.

Robert spent lots of time working with Luke and eventually had Luke trained. The owner was so happy that the dog listened to him so perfectly. However, the dog would only listen to Robert. He then showed the owner how to give the dog the commands and how to encourage the dog to listen to her. After a short time, Luke was listening to her perfectly. Robert then noticed that the dog wasn’t tied to the tree anymore but was in the house. He noticed his neighbor bringing the dog for walks and to events in town. His neighbor was so happy that she wrote a story to the local paper in North Dakota. Soon people were calling Robert to train their dogs. Robert just loves seeing the joy people have when they see their dogs listen for the first time. We love our dogs and know we want to have a relationship with them. Training allows this and we make it possible for everyone to get their dogs this kind of training.

Why We're Different

Training dogs properly isn’t a simple task. We have trained thousands of dogs and have figured out that not one training method will work for every single dog. That’s why these big training classes aren’t that effective. We do one on one training session here at Rob’s Dogs, LLC. Sometimes, if even one thing you are doing wrong gets overlooked, it could be a huge setback with your dog’s training. Our time is valuable and it is discouraging not seeing results when you have been putting in the time and money to train your dog. Robert has been working with people his whole life and is a great trainer who can make it fun for you to work with you dog if one-on-one lessons is the route you’d like to take.