Private Lessons 

Private lessons are where you come to us once a week and we show you how to train your pup. Then you go home with your dog and train them at home about 30-45 mins per day. 

This option works great if you have the time, energy and patience to train your dog. 

The amount of lessons you will need depends on what level of training you would like them to get to, what level of training your pup has already had, their temperament, level of energy, if they have any aggression, or if they are shy/fearful animals. All this comes into play when determining how long it will take to train a specific dog. We offer FREE phone consultations, where I explain the different levels of training we offer, so you know what level of training is right for your dog. We also talk with you about your dog so we know how long it will take your pup to get to the level you'd like them to get to. This way you can determine what level of training you would like your dog to achieve. After the phone consultation you will know exactly how many lessons you will need, to get your pup trained to the level you would like them to get to or solve the issues you are having. 

Please give me a call or fill out an inquiry to set up a time to talk.  

Board and Train Programs

The way the board and train works is pretty simple. Your dog stays with us and we train them to do what you'd like them to do, or NOT do for that matter. Then after the training you come pick up your dog and we then show you how to maintain the training, so you dog listens to you the same way they listened to us. This option works great for people that don't have the time or energy to train their dog daily, like what the private lessons require. 

Board and Train prices:

We offer FREE phone consultations where we talk with you about your dog and your goals, After we talk we can then tell you exactly what it will cost to train your dog, and how long it will take.

 The price depends on the energy and drive level of your dog. A very motivated dog can be trained a lot during the day, and can get thru the training very quickly in a matter of a few short weeks. A dog with low energy or drive levels can only be trained a short amount of time per day, so they would need to be with us longer and would have to be trained less per day, so for obvious reasons there can't be a one set price per week for all dogs. Other trainers do it differently, if they have two different dogs they could be working with one dog twice as much as the other because one has more energy and drive, but they charge the exact same amount for both dogs even tho one is getting twice as much training. We take this into account when determining how much to charge for the board and train program. Also things like aggressive dogs, shy/nervous animals, dogs that need special attention, special diets that require food prep, etc, could result in a different price. Charging the exact same price for training two totally different types of dogs is like a builder charging the exact same thing for different types of remodeling jobs. It just wouldn't make sense. If you'd like to set up a FREE phone consultation please call me or fill out an inquiry on this website!               

     Thank you! Rob