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Watson is an extraordinary German Shepherd. He was imported from Germany when he was 3  month old. He father is the Sieger World Champion Willy Vom Kuckucksland. Many videos of Willy can be seen on YouTube and pictures can be seen online if you google his name. His mother is a VA 1 rated female that is currently competing in Germany in Sieger competitions. Watson comes from the Best of the Best when it comes to quality bred dogs. He is large, strong, intelligent, driven, great with children and other dogs, confident in any situation, off-leash obedience trained, crate trained, house broken, does great in the car, has enough energy to go hiking or running, yet is totally calm in the house. This dog is everyones dream dog, and will make an active person extremely happy. Please call me for more info.   




Pacman is a beautiful male adult German Shepherd. He is a serious guard dog. No one will be hopping over your fence when he's around. He is fully off-leash trained, crate trained, house broken, does great on car rides, extremely confident, loves to go hiking and go places, gets along with female dogs.  

Things to consider with PacMan. I don't recommend Pacman if you have small children, I just don't trust him with them as he's too serious if left alone. If taking him to busy public areas I recommend him wearing a muzzle, better safe than sorry. 

I've used Pacman hundreds of times doing demonstrations for our obedience training. He's good with kids and strangers when I'm around, but I do put a muzzle on him when I take him to busy places.  You just never know when someone will start yelling and put Pacman into protection mode. 

For any questions about Pacman please call. 




Harvey is a Golden Doodle. He's amazing with children, crate trained, house broken, completely off leash obedience trained, doesn't chew on anything, is great in the car, and even plays fetch with himself! There is nothing whatsoever that is negative about Harvey. He has brought a lot of joy into our lives and will do the same for you! please call for details! 

Benefits of choosing a trained dog 6 months of age or older.

There are many good things about purchasing a trained dog rather than a puppy. With a dog that is around 6 months or older, you will know exactly what kind of dog you will be getting. With an 8 week old puppy it's a bit of a toss up on if they will be the type of dog that fits with your lifestyle. Below I will list a few different reasons why getting a trained dog 6 months or older might be a good idea for you. 

#1 You get to avoid crate training a puppy. Crate training a puppy requires time and work. If you've ever had a puppy before you know what I'm talking about. They tend to cry in their crate, and have accidents in their crate in the middle of the night. They usually miss their litter mates and don't like being alone, so they need lots of attention for the first couple months. Sometimes you get a puppy who has no problem going to the bathroom in their crate, thus making potty training almost impossible. Getting a dog already crate trained is extremely nice! And all of our dogs that we have available come crate trained and house trained. 

#2 If you decide do go with a trained dog from us, you will know if they are going to be good with children, strangers, other dogs, or if they are not going to be. Sometimes even with proper socialization you can't guarantee that an 8 week old puppy is going to be good with other dogs or children, especially if you aren't able to socialize your puppy around them very often. 

#3 Choosing a trained dog from us you will know if the dog is going to travel well or not. It's fairly common to get a puppy, only to realize that they get car sick. This is something that can't easily be solved, even with medication.  A lot of the time this is a real bummer for people, as usually people like to go places with their dog, and a dog getting sick in their car is a BIG mess. 

#4 Little puppies can't be taken anywhere until they have had their last vaccine, around 3-4 months old. Purchasing a trained dog 6 months or older makes it possible to take your new companion out right away.  

#5 Getting a very young puppy you will not know if the energy level of the dog fits your lifestyle. An 8 week old puppy could be very lazy and sleepy when you go to pick them up from the breeder, but then be the completely opposite when they are older, or the other way around. I wouldn't recommend a high energy dog to someone who doesn't do that much physical activity, or if the dog is going to be in a small apartment with no yard. And I would't recommend a low energy dog for a family with kids, or someone that has a big yard and likes to go hiking or running. So this is very important. If you have a high energy dog and aren't able to exercise them, they will be miserable and will be hard to control. And if you have a low energy dog and want to take them running or hiking, you will be disappointed when they can't keep up.

#6 Our dogs usually come fully off-leash trained. Which means they know how to sit, lie down, stay, come when called, and heel (walk on your left side whichever way you turn) completely without a leash. They will listen around distraction all the time, not just when they feel like it or if you are bribing then with a treat. This makes it extremely easy to take then to parks, restaurants, hiking, etc. The type of training I'm talking about is listed on our training page, if you'd like to check out the videos on there. 

If you are interested in one of our dogs don't hesitate to call me! We tend to have only 1-2 at a time as they are all raised in our home here in Phoenix. 

If you have any questions please give me a call!


Rob Heiple