Why German Shepherds Are the Perfect Family Pet

If your family is ready to adopt a new furry friend, choosing a German shepherd is a great option. These loyal, intelligent dogs make the perfect family pet, whether you have young kids in the home or older, independent teens.

But why are German shepherds the ideal family pet? Here's what you should know about this amazing breed.

They have the perfect temperament

German shepherd breeders take pride in raising puppies with great temperaments. Temperament refers to the dog's overall outlook on life, including its moods, habits, and energy.

As a family dog, German shepherds are loyal, intelligent, confident, and can learn just about any command. Though they might be a little wary toward strangers, these dogs will be gentle with kids, friends, and other pets in your household as long as they're trained properly. When you're looking for German shepherd puppies for sale, always ask to meet the parents. You can get a better idea for the puppy's temperament by looking at the attitude and moods of its parents.

They're not too large, not too small

German shepherds are considered to be a large dog breed, but this loyal family friend rarely crests 100 pounds. This makes them the perfect cuddle companion on a cold night in or an energetic hiking partner during the first warm days of spring.

Their large-ish size means that they also have a medium-lifespan of about 13 years. This means you'll get plenty of time romping around with your best friend for years to come.

They're highly active breeds

An energetic family will have no problem taking this dog to the park, the beach, or any other active locations. Because German shepherds are working dogs, they require a lot of stimulation, both mentally and physically. After all, they're the common police dog for a reason. They're great jogging companions but also love an intense game of Frisbee in a large field. German shepherd puppies for sale can match the energy of any rambunctious kiddo in your family.

Dogs are a wonderful addition to any household, with German shepherds leading the charge. When you want to become one of the 78 million households who own a dog throughout the United States, contact the German shepherd breeders AZ trusts: Rob's Dogs, LLC. We offer the best-tempered German shepherd puppies for sale in Arizona. Whether you're looking for a working companion or a family friend, contact us today.